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15 Mai Attitude is essential!

Brand, Reputation and Design Management in small and medium-sized enterprises by Prof. Dr. Brigitte Wolf The objective of business is to make money - the objective of design is to make the world better, more comfortable and more beautiful. This may seem like a contradiction at first sight, but actually...

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21 Aug Wilkhahn – A tradition of the cutting edge

by Brigitte Wolf, (Design Management Journal, Spring 2002) Under the personal leadership of Fritz Hahne,Wilkhahn has created a niche for itself and earned a global reputation for designing high-quality, classically modern furniture that is both elegant and functional. In a rich overview of this German firm,...

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21 Jul Perspectives from inside the ivory tower

by Brigitte Wolf, Meredith Davis, and Craig Vogel (Design Management Journal, Summer 2002) In contrast to business programs, which face the difficulty of integrating design management content within their curricula, design schools are addressing the topic with increasing interest and rigor. Brigitte Wolf describes strategies used at the School of Design,...

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